Filling Line
Automatic cooking oil filling line
Automatic cooking oil filling line


This machine is specially made for all kinds of viscousity materials, such as chocolate paste,peanut butter, honey, butter, Mayonnaise, ketchup etc. All the contacted part with the chemical oil is high quality stainless steel.. The machine adopts piston pump for filling. By adjusting the position pump, it can fill all of the bottles in one filling machine, with quick speed and high precision.

Item Piston pump filling machine
Filling nozzle 10
Filling system Piston pump driven by servo motor
Filling range 500-1000ml
Filling speed 36 b/hr based on 1L;
Filling precision ±1%
Power 220/380V 50/60Hz  3.5Kw
Air pressure range 0.4 Mpa
Weight 600Kg
Machine side L1800*W1200*H1800

Automatic pressure machine instruction


This is multi-functional automatic cap ordering, cap feeding, cap pressing and reject device. The structure is Compact, operation is simple, and maintenance is convenient.

Technical parameters
Model: SD- YG65
Voltage: 380V.
Power: 0.85 KW
Air pressure: 0.45 a 0.7 MPa
Weight: 400Kg

Automatic round bottle labeling machine

Model SD-LTB-A Vertical Labeler for round bottle is mainly used in food, chemical and medicine industry. It can realize the automatic bottle-conveying, label separating, labeling round the bottle and a series of steps. Step-less speed adjustment, easy operation and adjustment with high speed and efficiency. The label will be attached to the exact position with high accuracy and low noise. The spare parts can be matched by customer’s specific requirement.

Model SD-LTB-A Vertical labeler for round bottles
Capacity 90~100 BPM
Bottle Size(mm) To be confirmed
Machine dimension(mm) 1600×960×1260
Weight(kg) 200
Power(w) 300
Voltage 220V / 50~60Hz (customized)

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